Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Morse Decoder - part 5

Multichannel CW decoder for FLDIGI

I have been working on the Bayesian Morse decoder for a while.  The latest effort was focused on making it possible to automatically detect all CW signals in the audio band and spin up a new instance of the Bayesian decoder for each detected signal.

Figure 1. shows a running version implemented on top of FLDIGI  version 3.21.77.  The waterfall shows 9 CW signals from 400Hz to 1200 Hz. The software utilizes the FLDIGI Signal Browser user interface and you can set the signal threshold using the slider bar below the signal browser window. The user interface works very much like the PSK or RTTY browser.

Figure 1. Multichannel CW decoder for FLDIGI
The audio file in this demo was created using Octave script  below

Fs = 8000; % Fs is sampling frequency - 8 Khz
Ts = 10*Fs; % Total sample time is 10 seconds

% create 9 different parallel morse sessions - 10 seconds each at 20-35 WPM speed
%         TEXT           audio file  noiselevel Hz    speed WPM 
x1=morse('CQ TEST DE AG1LE','cw1.wav', 20,1200,Fs,20, Ts);
x2=morse('TEST DE SP3RQ CQ','cw2.wav', 15, 1100,Fs,35, Ts);
x3=morse('DE W3RQS CQ TEST','cw3.wav', 20,  1000,Fs,30, Ts);
x4=morse('SM0LXW CQ TEST DE','cw4.wav',15,   900,Fs, 25, Ts);
x5=morse('CQ TEST DE HS1DX','cw5.wav', 20,    800,Fs, 20, Ts);
x6=morse('TEST DE JA1DX CQ','cw6.wav', 10,      700,Fs, 20, Ts);
x7=morse('DE JA2ATA CQ TEST','cw7.wav',20,      600,Fs, 20, Ts);
x8=morse('UA2HH CQ TEST DE','cw8.wav', 15,      500,Fs, 20, Ts);
x9=morse('CQ TEST DE CT1CX','cw9.wav', 20,      400,Fs, 20, Ts);

% weighted sum - merge all the audio streams together 
% 9 signals arranged in frequency order 1200Hz ... 400Hz
y = 0.1*x1 + 0.1*x2 + 0.1*x3 + 0.1*x4 + 0.1*x5 + 0.1*x6 + 0.1*x7 + 0.1*x8 + 0.1*x9;

% write to cwcombo.wav file 

I have saved the full sources of this experimental FLDIGI version in Github:  FLDIGI source
UPDATE July 20, 2014: I rebased this using Source Forge latest branch  - new version is here: fldigi-3.22.0CN.tar.gz

Let me know if you are interested in testing this software.  I would be interested in getting feedback on scalability, any performance problems as well as how well the CW decoder works with real life signals.

Mauri AG1LE

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